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What is 
High Point Christian Academy?

High Point Christian Academy is a two day a week academic co-op that seeks to give homeschool families high-quality academic classes while creating a strong community within the student body. Our classes follow a planned course of study from Pre-K thru 12th grade. We offer traditional core class (math, science, history and language arts) and a variety of electives. Our goal is to provide a challenging structured program while engaging our students through interactive hands on projects.  Our program is taught by both experienced homeschool parents and outside teachers collaborating together.  In addition to academics, we offer a variety of enrichment experiences and activities:  athletics, field trips, school dances, service projects, chapel, and family nights.  

How did High Point get started?

High Point started over 20 years ago as an informal group of homeschool parents with young kids who got together twice a month to offer fun classes. High Point used to be called Heritage Homeschool Co-op and ran for many years as just an elective focused group. As students got older many parents realized they needed more structure and support for teaching challenging classes to their children, so the co-op moved to a once-a-week model with core classes. In 2021, we moved to a 2 day a week hybrid model so that we could offer math classes and a more rigorous high school program. During this time, we also became a 501c3 non-profit and changed our name to High Point Christian Academy. Our group is led by a board of directors who are also parents and teachers. Our group is run independently and is not affiliated with any church denomination or national organization.   

What should new families know about your program?

We want homeschool families to have the best of all worlds.  We want to support families as they do school at home with their children. We know the joy of having our families at home together. This allows parents to directly educate, tailor their children's learning and shape their worldview. However, we also want homeschool families to have all the advantages that classrooms and community can provide. We want our kids to have hands-on science experiments, art projects, and group work. We want kids to have the social opportunities to make lasting friendships, have great shared experiences, and become confident in themselves as individuals. We want older students to gain independence and accountability with their school assignments. We want parents to have the resources and to know they are offering their kids an outstanding education. If this sounds like something your family would be interested in, you can read more about the specifics of our program on our FAQ page, and learn about how to sign up for our program on our admissions page. 

We are not an accredited school.... we are a homeschool support system. Parents are still responsible for their children's work and reporting to their school districts.

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