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Frequently Asked Questions

For any additional questions about our homeschool hybrid program, please reach out us at:

Can my child take one or two classes?

High Point is a complete program. We have found that families who participate in our entire program are more satisfied and students are more connected with their classmates. For families with Juniors and Seniors who have already been part of our program, we do allow them to take classes a la carte. This allows them to continue to be part of the High Point community while pursuing college or a vocational program.

What do we do on days we are not on campus?

Our homeschool hybrid program means that students will spend two days on campus attending classes and three days at home. We strive to create a 4 day a week schedule, so that families can continue to have flexibility with their time. However, some classes, especially high school, need 5 days a week to complete the course work. Students will be given assignments to complete on the at home days.   Parents are still their students' main teachers and are expected to work with students on the assignments on their days at home. It is important that students keep up with their work they have been assigned so that classes can run smoothly. Students in kindergarten and elementary school should expect to work 2+ hours on home days. Middle school students should expect to work 3+ hours, and high school student should expect to work 4+ hours on their assignments on home days. 

What is the required parent involvement?

High Point is a drop-off program. Parents will drop off their students between 8:30 a.m. and 8:40 a.m. and pick them up between 2:45 p.m. and 2:50 p.m. However, having parents involved is critical to the success of High Point, and all parents are required to complete 12-15 volunteer hours each year. There are a variety of teams and jobs that parents can be part of to fulfill their volunteer hours. These include classroom helpers, evening events teams, fundraising, and clean up and tear down.  

How much does it cost?

Our yearly tuition for the 2024/2025 school year is:

Elementary (Kindergarten-4th grade): $1350 per student

Middle School (5th-8th grade): $1450 per student

High School (9th-12th grade): $1550 per student


We work hard to be able to offer our program at an affordable rate to families. Our program is 6 hours a day, twice a week for 31 weeks of class. The total cost is approximately $3-4 an hour per child.  

Field trips, athletic programs, curriculum (some is included) and other community events are not included in the tuition price.


Some stipend positions are available to help reduce tuition costs. Please contact our admin team for more information at 

What does a typical day look like?

Student's typical day may look like:​

  • Math Class:        8:45-9:40

  • Language Arts:  9:45-10:40

  • Science:            10:45-11:40

  • Lunch/Recess:  11:45-12:40

  • History Class:   12:45-1:40

  • Elective Class:    1:45-2:45

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