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Academics is at the heart of what we do. At High Point Christian Academy, we want each family to be able to maximize their students learning, through access to good curriculum, excellent instruction, hands on activities, and accountability. Our curriculum choices were selected collaboratively by parents and teachers to work cohesively at home and in the classroom. We have planned a scope and sequence for our entire homeschool hybrid program. Our teachers have outstanding classroom experience, as well as teaching degrees or degrees in the subject area in which they are teaching. We look for opportunities to have our classes work together, such as reading literature in language arts from the time period we are learning about in history, bringing stem activities into our history projects, and putting math to work in our science classes.  All of our subjects are presented with an emphasis on forming Christian worldviews and fostering wonder.


A variety of elective classes are included in our program. These classes are taught in a fun and interactive way encouraging critical thinking, leadership and group work among students. They give students goals-oriented activities that lead to greater interest in core subjects and an opportunity to build friendships within our community. 

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